What is the mininum order quantitiy?
400 ltr. Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Do you sell Pomace oil?
NO, we only sell Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
What is the delivery lead time for my order?
Please take a look at our workflow process here.

expert in private label

We make it simple for you to create your very own Private Label Extra Virgin Olive Oil, whether you want to create a line of delicious oil for your retail store or you need promotional materials to market your brand.

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We offer packaging and label design services from the ground up in collaboration with creative agencies. We investigate each parameter and, based on the characteristics of each product, offer solutions that meet the actual packaging requirements.

We can provide full technical support, including design and production of labels, overcaps, sleeves, tins, bag in box, and so on, and because we source directly from our local producers and suppliers, we can achieve competitive pricing and eliminate unnecessary added costs.

Private label EVOO